Why Adspy is the Super Sexy Tool for Spying Facebook Ads

Spying is brand new research. To be able to stay relevant, you need to understand what your successful competitors do otherwise. AdSpy is your very best tool for your job. Besides, you can enjoy a pleasant leg up on account of our amazing AdSpy free trial. Also use our exclusive AdSpy Coupon and get a discount of upto $150 for 3 months on AdSpy subscription. Apply code MEGADSPY now!

What’s AdSpy?

AdSpy & AdSpy free trial

AdSpy is a good advertisement intelligent evaluation platform on which you may easily spy on your competitors’ advertising efforts. Basically, AdSpy is your biggest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram Ads on the planet. In a word, AdSpy attempts to maintain top advertisers innovating and retains social media organizations to account for their own content.

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Characteristics of AdSpy

1. Powerhouse of Information

AdSpy-Massive Data

AdSpy boasts of up to 14M+ advertisers. Because of this, you will find around 89M+ advertisements spanning over 88 distinct dialects and in 203 countries.

This expanding database of Ads ensures that no single Ad that’s important to your small business and market goes undetected. Also, thanks to the quick and smart interface, you can search and filter that huge data efficiently in a few clicks.

If there is an item that’s trending or a sexy product, regardless of how niche, AdSpy will know about it and to help you.

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2. Enhanced Basic Search

AdSpy-Enhanced Basic Search

Compared to any other spy software, AdSpy offers the most effective search and filter tool with the help of Enhanced Basic Search feature.

It allows search by Ad Text, Media Type, Site Type, Technologies, Countries, Gender, Ages, Network, Affiliate ID, and Offer ID. 

You can also filter your search through timelines such as Last Seen, Seen Between, and Created Between as well as Total Likes, and Daily Likes.

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3. Tailored for Affiliates

Frequently, we state AdSpy is created by Affiliates for Affiliates. That is accurate. There’s a good deal of cash to be produced from internet affiliate marketing.

Each time a sale is made out of a product known by an affiliate, they make a commission. Online affiliate marketing has skyrocketed in the last couple of decades. And AdSpy helps people to understand and replicate what their fellow franchisees do.

Together with AdSpy, you can access granulated details such as images, articles, landers, and hyperlinks. In this manner, you get more technical intel about what works and what does not.

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AdSpy Price & AdSpy Free Trial

AdSpy Price & AdSpy free trial

AdSpy removes the necessity to haggle over several pricing subscriptions. To get a monthly payment of $149, you can enjoy all AdSpy has to offer you.

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Final Words

AdSpy is not just the finest Ad spying instrument but also a fantastic native advertising spy tool. Each of the details which are critical for your e-commerce business will probably be appropriate on your screen. Additionally, using our AdSpy free trial, it’ll be just like you’re getting the entire thing for free. Utilize it now and see your enterprise scale exponentially.